WordPress.org Plugin Developers Demand Transparency Regarding the Removal of Active Install Growth Data

Frustrations are mounting, as WordPress.org plugin developers plead with WordPress leadership to restore access to the active install growth data for plugins after it was removed last weekend without any public discussion. A ticket calling for bringing back the charts is home to a heated discussion on the matter but so far the developer community … Read more

Gutenberg 14.2 Improves Writing Flow, Adds Kerning Controls for Headings in Global Styles

Gutenberg 14.2 brings some important changes to the writing flow in the block editor that simplify the experience and remove unnecessary obtrusions. One small but significant change is that the sibling and line inserters have been updated to use a more natural animation effect with a slightly increased delay to minimize accidental triggers. This release … Read more

WordPress.org Removes Active Install Growth Data for Plugins

Over the weekend, WordPress.org meta contributors removed the active install growth charts for plugins, a key metric that many developers and a handful of services rely on for tracking. “Insufficient data obfuscation” is the cryptic reason cited for the charts’ removal, but the decision-making process was not transparent. In a ticket titled “Bring back the … Read more

WordPress Punts Locally Hosted Fonts for Legacy Default Themes to 6.2 Release

In June 2022, WordPress.org’s Themes Team began strongly urging theme authors to switch to locally hosted webfonts, following a German court case, which fined a website owner for violating the GDPR by using Google-hosted webfonts. For years, theme authors have been enqueuing Google Fonts from the Google CDN for better performance, but this method exposes visitors’ … Read more

#44 – Joe Dolson on How To Fix the Six Most Common Accessibility Errors on Your Websites

On the podcast today we have Joe Dolson. Joe is a WordPress plugin developer, a core committer, and a web accessibility consultant. He’s part of the Make WordPress Accessible team, the team dedicated to improving accessibility in the WordPress ecosystem. His recent presentation at WordCamp US entitled ‘Finding and Fixing the Six Most Common WCAG … Read more

WooCommerce Blocks 8.6.0 Introduces Cross-Sells Products Block

WooCommerce Blocks 8.6.0 was released yesterday with support for a new block that displays cross-sells for products that are based on the current product in the customer’s cart. For example, if a customer is purchasing a new gardener’s kit, the store may cross-sell gardening gloves as a complementary product. This is a new feature is … Read more

WooSesh Publishes Schedule Ahead of Virtual Event October 11-13, 2022

WooSesh, a virtual conference for WooCommerce professionals and store builders, has published the schedule for the upcoming three-day event beginning on October 11. This year’s lineup includes 24 speakers from across the WooCommerce ecosystem, including engineers, product managers, sales directors, and WooCommerce core developers. Each day of the event has a theme with sessions running … Read more

Molten: A Free WordPress Block Theme for Restaurants

Molten is a new block theme from first-time WordPress.org theme author Paul Truong, designed for chefs and restaurateurs to showcase their work. The theme puts the spotlight on food photography offset with bold typography featuring the Playfair Display font for headings and Source Sans Pro for paragraph text. Truong is working on setting up a … Read more

New Prototype Runs WordPress in the Browser with No PHP Server

Automattic-sponsored core contributor Adam Zielinski published a demo today of WordPress running in the browser with no PHP server. This is accomplished using WebAssembly (WASM), a format for a stack-based virtual machine that enables deployment on the web for client and server applications, and Emscripten, an open source compiler toolchain to WebAssembly. It’s not stable … Read more

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